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Dacia Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption tests for: Dacia. Number of tests: 1 pcs. (2 data), latest at 2017-05-13. Average fuel consumption: 6 [L/100km] = 39.2 [mpg]. Average car age during test: 15 yr.

2. step: select the model. 1 car models in Dacia brand (with at least one fuel consumption test)

Supernova (1)

Constant speed fuel consumption

no data
(1 pcs.)
44.4 mpg
no data no data
70 km/h
43 mph
90 km/h
56 mph
110 km/h
68 mph
130 km/h
81 mph

Fuel consumption in city

(1 pcs.)
35.1 mpg
no data no data
Light Normal Urban
Type of the city or traffic


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