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Welcome, my name is Igor Gaspar Ph.D, I am a mechanical engineer and a car owner. Do you have a car? If yes, you probably noticed that fuel consumption given by manufacturers may variate from fuel economy in real circumstances and usage. That's why I decided to build this website, where users can do simple fuel consumption test and upload their results. As a mechanical engineer and researcher, I tried to define very simple test so everybody can do it. Usage of FuelConsumption.org website is easy, whatever you are only looking for fuel economy data or you want to upload your fuel usage results.

You may think, that Information uploaded by unknown users may be unreliable, but large number of information and data will give sufficient accuracy.

I used metric units as base for calculation, but you can upload data in imperial units too. Instructions can be found on upload form page. Quick example: Nissan Qashqai 1.2 DIG-T fuel consumption.

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Currently fuelconsumption.org is translated into 9 languages. Every language is translated by native translators, but multilingual structure of the site requires universal text structure. This means, some smaller grammatical errors may occur.

Main factors

What are the main factors, which affects fuel efficiency?

New tests

Citroen C3 1.6
Nissan Patrol GR Wagon
Nissan X-Trail DIG-T 160
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